USA.Life Freedom and Privacy

USA.Life Is the #1 Conservative Facebook Alternative
The Business answer to Facebook and Twitter censorship

Steps for Success

Would you like to reach more customers and followers? USA.Life is the business solution to Facebook and Twitter censoring Conservatives. On USA.Life you have American freedom and privacy. Here are four keys for growth and better relationships.

1) Get Your Page

Businesses, churches and public figures should set up a Page, because Pages have unlimitted Likes.

If you are a company, brand, newspaper, church or public figure, then add one or more Pages to your Personal Account. Your Personal Account that you get when you join USA.Life can have up to 10,000 Friends, so a Page with unlimitted Likes is what you want to use for organziations and public figures like senators, singers, ministries and authors. Pages are linked to your Personal Account. A personal account can follow these steps for growth too, without making a Page.

To add a Page on USA.Life:

  1. Create your Personal Account. If you don’t yet have an account, create your free personal account.
  2. Create your Page.
  3. Write your first Page post. This could be a welcome message or mission statement. Add a picture or link to a page on your website. You can also uplaod a video to USA.Life.

2) Share Your Affiliate Link to Get Auto-Likes

To help you grow your following fast, USA.Life has a powerful tool that gives your Page an auto-like when people sign up using your affiliate link.

To get your auto-Like link, first make sure your Page is created. Then select the 3 white dots on the top right when logged in to USA.Life. Then select “General Setting”. Then “My Affiliates”. Get the link for the Page you want to share.

Add the USA.Life icon to your WebSite and Emails with the affiliate code. The USA.Life graphics can be found at: https://USA.Life/tools

  1. Invite your customers and followers.
    1. Share your Affiliate Link on emails, Facebook, Twitter, your website and other places.
    2. Add the “Like us on USA.Life” graphic to your website.
    3. Example: Send an email invitation to your email List to LIKE you on USA.Life. You could say:
        • Our business joined USA.Life social network to have freedom from Big Tech censorship and privacy. Join us at www.USA.Life. Create your free personal account. Next, use the search to find us. Then select us in the search results to go to our Page. Next, select LIKE to follow us and get our updates.
        • Tip 1: Use the “Like us on USA.Life” graphic in your email
        • Tip 2: Use the auto-like link, so when people join USA.Life from your link they will automatically Like your Page.
    4. In addition, you can get advertising credit when people buy a Pro Membership.

3) Post Daily

Share your news, photos, videos and events regularly on USA.Life to generate interest and to build your following. When you post 1 to 7 times per day your followers will get what they need.

Be patient. Just as it took time on Facebook and Twitter, it takes effort now to build your USA.Life following. But the sooner you start the faster you will get results. Those who join USA.Life now get the most benefit. Also, another growth tip is to reply to comments on your posts.

4) Value Advertising: Become a Pro Member to Save Money on Boosts

USA.Life offers Pro Membership which gives you bundled disounted boosts, which helps you gain new followers and reach more people. This is available on the 1/2 year, year and Life Time Pro Memberships. As a Pro Member you boost your posts for a one time fee and reach additional people than just those who Like you. See plans for details. The account buying the Pro Membshp should be the account you post from. Everyone can become a Pro Member. Sign up here.

How to Boost as a Pro Member: After you make a post, choose the Boost option in the Post dropdown menu “v”. Also, go to your Pages and Press Boost to boost your Page(s) to more people. A Pro Membership is a powerful tool to grow faster.

Build Connections

The next step is to decide is if you want groups. This is optional. On USA.Life groups can be Public or Private depending upon what you would like to accomplish.

Private groups are invitation only. Your organization can have private groups. These groups can help with improved relationships, answering questions, meeting needs and save time.

Public groups are open to everyone and can be used for communicactions, marketing and common interests.

More Tips to Grow

Other growth tips are to:

  1. Share Links of Your Posts on websites and emails.
  2. Embed USA.Life Posts to Your website(s). To do this Select Share after posting. Then choose embed and copy the code to your WordPress website or news website.
  3. Advertise on USA.Life.
    When you advertise, use a Benefit and a Call to Action.Example: If you love ___, then Click and Like <YOUR PAGE NAME>.

Congratulations! Following these steps will help your Page reach more people and attain your goals.

Administration and Teamwork: You can assign one or more administrators to manage your USA.Life Page(s) and Group(s). They can make posts, manage and advertise. Only the account that bought the Pro Membership can boost.

Visit the USA.Life Help Center to learn more.