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USA.Life is America’s new social network – the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, conservatives, patriotic speech, family values and liberty. This is where you freely share and find life, liberty and happiness. You connect with people, groups and businesses important to you!

USA.Life Fights Back Fundraiser

by Steven Andrew

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Campaign Story

Introducing USA.Life

www.USA.Life Share life, liberty and happiness

Update: Facebook and Twitter are censoring more than ever, as they try to block Conservatives from winning the 2020 elections. Facebook and Twitter block President Trump, Christiasn, Conservatives, pro-lifers, people wanting to make money by going back to their jobs, family focused people and more.

What if you could go from censorship to freedom? Imagine getting honest, real news instead of fake news. How secure would you feel knowing you can keep your privacy online?

Our goal is to reach $25,000. We have a stretch goal of $100,000. 

You make a difference to save freedom, privacy and real news by giving today!

Thanks everyone for your support. USA.Life is raising the funds required to give more tools to share and connect, make important updates, build expanded apps, and increase customer service.  All of this is to help you and your loved ones. USA.Life is the #1 Pro-America community! We can’t do this without you!

It is a miracle USA.Life launched, because we didn’t raise all the funds required. We were a $100,000 short. But we sacrificed at USA.Life for you. Instead of being paid any amount, CEO Steven Andrew put all the money to launch and run USA.Life the best posibble. It is rare to find a CEO who believes in the mission so much that he would go 2+ years without being paid.

In this amazing David vs Goliath story, USA.Life is defeating Goliath by God’s grace. We are growing fast. In one week this August we increased 20% in popularity! We believe USA.Life is the #1 Conservative Facebook alternative!

Get your name or business permanently listed on the Founders Wall by giving $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000 today.  To launch 1776Free search, give donations here. To use USA.Life create an account at https://USA.Life

Let’s celebrate, because USA.Life launching gave us the required platform for freedom, privacy and real news.  Now help us make up the $100,000 we are short. Every $10, $25 and $100 donations makes a difference.

You won’t be censored at USA.Life social network for believing like our founding fathers and supporting President Trump. After all, we know American beliefs are what make you safe, strong and blessed! USA.Life is for all people who love America!

A Day with USA.Life

What is alternative to facebook? USA.Life is the alternative to facebook.

With USA.Life, you can discuss important issues that are censored elsewhere – such as life, the Second Amendment, border security, traditional marriage and liberty! Our mission is to give you the most powerful social networking tools, privacy and real news. For too long, companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter have used their bias to block people from getting true information. At USA.Life, we are the new alternative to social media that is biased in a positive way – toward the freedom and truth about the greatness of America and our people. And members from all over the world have signed up for free accounts. We believe in liberty in our heart, so we don’t spy on you. You deserve privacy! When you delete your information, we delete it. This is America!

We Are Popular!

USA.Life In the Media

People Are Excited!


Designed for Americanism not Globalism

To give you top results that are often hidden from you, USA.Life uses a Pro-America Algorithm™. This is based on timeless American beliefs, such as God-given rights that make you safe, strong and blessed!

With USA.Life, you unite the nation and heal our land.

Technical Details

To give you the best user experience, USA.Life uses the latest technologies and are continuously improving.

You have peace of mind, knowing we deploy a secure cloud infrastructure, and have scalability and high availability. To get you priority features as quickly as possible, we are an Agile environment, using tools like Jira and are building a DevOps environment.

Where the Money Is Used

Our financial planning of where the funds will be used is shown in the chart above.

Meet Founder Steven Andrew

Steven Andrew USA.Life Social Network Steven Andrew is a Silicon Valley technology expert and Christian leader, who loves America. What makes him unique is he passionately believes like our Founding Fathers that God gives us liberty. He has extensive business and technical leadership experience with the Fortune 500, startups and higher education – Cisco, Stanford, Sega and Better Homes and Gardens – to name just a few. He has successfully led multi-million dollar initiatives and provided results-driven strategy. Andrew is uniquely qualified to lead this project – on time, on budget, and with the key capabilities needed for success.


There are always risks that can delay USA.Life from you using these next generation Internet products. We wanted to share some of them so you know what we are dealing with.

Technical: With any project, including USA.Life, there are technical challenges. To overcome these, we identify risks as early as possible, identify options and develop the best solution available.

Operations: To cover future growth and expand, we expect additional costs. To mitigate this, we give users the option of upgrading to a pro-user account, provide limited advertising and have a stretch crowdfunding goal of an additional $5.5 million. Investors are also an option.

USA.Life Donate


1. What is USA.Life? USA.Life is the alternative to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, conservatives and liberty. It is America’s new social network for individuals, families, creators and businesses. Using USA.Life you share life, liberty and happiness, while you connect with your family, friends and interests.

2. How do I choose to use either my name, initials, in memory of a loved one or a business name for the founders wall and my credits listed in the computer code? When you are checking out, write your desire in the note field when you pay. If no preference is provided, then we will use your first and last name from your shipping name.

USA.Life Saves Freedom and Privacy

3. How soon can you launch?

USA.Life launched, thanks to God and the many supporters. Your donations make a difference so we can run operations so you have freedom and privacy! More information on 1776Free is here.

4. When do I get my username? You can select your username when registering. So get your free account today! Some brands and usernames are reserved and/or not available. However, many usernames are available, so sign up early to get the best!

5. How can I get a business or public figure page? Register and then choose Home on the top right. Then My Pages. Then Create.

6. What is free speech?

There are three versions of free speech: American, globalist and anything.

AMERICAN : GIVES YOU FREEDOM – As you know, Americans stand for unalienable, God-given rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as the Declaration of Independence affirms. Like the founding fathers, USA.Life provides free speech from an American perspective. See our pro-America Algorithm above for details. History confirms that Americanism produces safety, strength and God’s blessings!

GLOBALIST : RESULTS IN TYRANNY – On the other hand, many believe Facebook, Google, Twitter and others use a globalist algorithm, which is anti-American (anti-Christian). That is why globalist companies censor Americans following the founding fathers. This is a national security threat and harms people’s lives and families with communism, socialism and tyranny.

ANYTHING : CAUSES DISORDER – Allowing everything, includes unwise, immoral and harmful ideas is not as beneficial as it sounds. Do you allow people to come over and do anything they want in your house or business? Most likely not. Standing for anything, such as communism or treating people inhumanely, does not produce America and it won’t drain the swamp or prevent an economic collapse.

USA.Life Donate
7. What are your priorities? We have launched USA.Life and are crowdfunding to add important upgrades, new capabilities and more customer service.  USA.LIFE Conservative Alternative to Facebook

8. When was USA.Life started? We have been thinking about USA.Life for many years. Around March 2017, we further developed the strategy and technology assessments. Now, we just need excited people who want freedom, privacy and real news to chip in any amount, small or large, to help finish the completion and build the community.


1. As we further develop, test and optimize user experience, we do anticipate updates to the USA.Life and 1776Free product photos that are shown on the websites, videos, communications and other places.

2. Our goal is to help you share, connect and get top information. That is why we prioritize our features. Some capabilities will take additional time. For example, in sharing videos we anticipate they will first be hosted elsewhere, but able to share at USA.Life in your posts. We will expand as quickly as we are able to, as we want you to have the best experience!

3. Some of the funds given were provided as donated work time to help USA.Life and 1776Free launch as quickly as possible.

4. Stay tuned. The web sites will be updated, as we have new information.

5. Everyone giving any amount today will get special updates!


For press inquiries please contact

Want to develop applications using our API ? Contact us at

Thank you for your interest!

USA.Life Saves Freedom and Privacy

If USA.Life’s mission of saving freedom and privacy is important to you, then donate today. We must raise $10,000, with a stretch goal of $25,000.

You make a difference! Donate now.

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USA.Life Pro-America USA.Life Conservative Facebook




American Hero Keepsake Postcard
Get a "You Saved the Internet" special thank you postcard. Plus know what is going on with exclusive updates.

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Your Name Credited in the Computer Code
Your name (or initials) will be added to the credits in the computer code. This is for both USA.Life Social Network and 1776 Search Engine. You will also get a special keepsake Computer Code PDF showing your name emailed to you. You can print and/or frame this historic print as desired. Plus all lower level rewards.

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USA.Life Pro Version
Get one year pro-version of USA.Life. Everyone gets a free version; however, you will get access to pro features including free credits to boost posts, special recognition and pre-release access to some new features. Plus American Hero Keepsake Postcard and your name credited in the computer code. $84.88 retail value of package.
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USA.Life & 1776Free Pro Versions. Plus Collectors T-Shirt
Get one year pro-version of USA.Life. Everyone gets a free version; however, you will get access to pro features including free credits to boost posts, special recognition and pre-release access to some new features. You also get a limited edition collectors T-shirt. Plus American Hero Keepsake Postcard and your name credited in the computer code. $169.76 retail value of package.
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Founders Wall
Get your name or business on the Founders Wall. Plus lifetime pro-version of USA.Life. Everyone gets a free version; however, you will get access to pro features including free credits to boost posts and special recognition. You also get a limited edition collectors T-shirt. Plus American Hero Keepsake Postcard and your name credited in the computer code. $1,349.75 retail value of package.
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