After Being Censored, a Silicon Valley Leader is Building USA.Life – ‘The answer to Facebook Censoring Conservatives’

(PRESS RELEASE FOR DISTRIBUTION: San Jose, CA, July 18, 2018) Steven Andrew was popular on Facebook, reaching 5 to 8 million people per month with nearly a half a million followers. He is called the “Facebook pastor” and is both a minister and a Silicon Valley internet technology leader. However, Facebook now shadowbans his messages, so only around 100,000 people per month are reached. In a video, he claims Facebook Vice President Monika Bickfert lied during a House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday when she said “freedom of expression is one of our core values” and CEO Mark Zuckerberg lied when he testified “we consider Facebook to be a platform for all ideas” before Congress on April 11th.

“Everyone knows Facebook and the other liberal tech giants censor conservatives,” Andrew said.

Using Facebook’s data, Andrew shows 92-plus million people have been blocked from Andrew’s Christian and pro-President Trump content since the censorship started in November 2016 after President Trump was elected.

“More than 98% of my reach is blocked. That means 4.9 million people per month don’t see my content, Andrew said.

In the last week, Andrew’s posts of George Washington praying at Valley Forge, a Christian Gospel summary and support for President Trump were shown to around only 300 people each.

“A post would normally reach 30,000 to 50,000 people. Some messages have gone to a million views,” Andrew said.

“Facebook’s censorship caused millions of fewer people to follow God and strengthen their families, a financial loss of donations likely in the millions of dollars and a reduction in communicating our mission with millions of more people by email and our website,” he said.

Andrew said, “The tech giants are untrustworthy.” So he is building USA.Life social network and search engine. He said, “these new sites are the answer to Facebook, Google and Twitter censoring conservatives.”

Andrew started a crowdfunding page and needs to raise $778,000 to launch. People are giving $10, $100 and more to start the Facebook alternative.

Andrew contacted Facebook about the shadowbanning earlier, but attempts to find a resolution were unsuccessful. Facebook told him everything was normal. He also requested that Facebook remove the many fake accounts impersonating him that scam his followers for money, but Facebook refused to remove them.

www.USA.Life Share life, liberty and happiness

“I am disappointed to see Facebook censor George Washington, the USA’s national motto, the Gospel and President Trump supporters. I would like to see Facebook stop censoring me,” Andrew said.

“Without USA.Life and, freedom and privacy could be lost forever, so give what you can today,” he said.

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About USA.Life and
USA.Life social network and search engine are the answer to censoring Christians, conservatives and libjerty. These sites help people and businesses freely share life, liberty and happiness, and connect with those important to them. Privacy is valued and they don’t track a user’s every move. Steven Andrew, the founder, is a technology leader who believes this is how the founding