(PRESS RELEASE FOR DISTRIBUTION: San Jose, CA) Facebook continues censoring conservatives and now faces competition. After Facebook blocked 70 million people from Steven Andrew’s Christian and Pro-President Trump posts, Andrew started the [USA.Life social network. https://usa.life] USA.Life is the conservative alternative to Facebook and hopes to launch this summer. Andrew is a Silicon Valley technology and Christian leader, who has led Fortune 500 Internet initiatives.

Andrew believes, “Facebook lied to Congress and America” during CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional testimony in April.

Using Facebook’s data, Andrew shows in a

that 70 million people were censored from getting Andrew’s conservative posts since November 2016.

Steven Andrew Official Photo USA.Life 1776Free

Steven Andrew, Founder of USA.Life Social Network

Zuckerberg told Congress, “We consider Facebook to be a platform for all ideas” on April 10th in reply to Sen. Ted Cruz. However, Andrew says, “Zuckerberg misled Congress.”

“Facebook blocks more than 98% of my reach. That means 4.9 million people per month don’t see my content. Facebook increased censorship after President Trump was elected,” Andrew said. Instead of communicating to 5 million people per month as in 2016, Facebook showed Andrew’s posts to 97,685 people last month.

“Facebook’s censorship caused millions of fewer people to follow God and strengthen their families, a financial loss of donations likely in the millions of dollars and a reduction in communicating our mission with millions of more people by email and our website,” he said.

Even with almost a half million followers, Andrew now often reaches just hundreds of people in a post. This is an “unfair decrease” down from the 30,000 to 70,000 people reached per post before the censoring.

www.USA.Life Share life, liberty and happiness

Andrew says USA.Life “is America’s hope to save the Internet.” He invites people to get a free account at [www.USA.Life https://usa.life] to enjoy “American freedom, real news and privacy”. Those who sign up first get preferred usernames privileges and early access.

He hopes grass roots activism, conservative news stations and churches quickly spread the news about USA.Life, because”our national security is at stake, due to liberals attacking Christianity, the Constitution and President Trump”.

USA.Life is crowdfunding [_____________] the completion and release of the new nationwide community. A summer launch is expected, provided they raise the remaining $693,000 required now. Supporters are given a special thank you reward, including an “American Hero” keepsake postcard, having their name in the computer code credits, T-shirts and a special life-time mention on the founders wall.

“Freedom and privacy could be lost forever without USA.Life. However, we can save the Internet if 70,000 people give $10, or if 7,000 people give $100. If people want freedom, we can do this,” Andrew said.


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  • lichicervera 05 / 05 / 2018

    Zuckerbergs stance on silencing conservatives terrifies me. I’m glad
    this is an alternative site I can come to for my news. Thanks.
    We need to spread the word.!!!

  • successinreading 06 / 05 / 2018

    Hello Neighbors,
    I am so happy that we have our own social media. I thought that Facebook was targeting me as a serious Christian and Conservative. I am so glad to be switching to the new USA.Life 1776 Free When can I start this new program? Today my business put up an amazing video showing our Summer Program…because I am so vocal in my views, I am sure people will try to boycott my center. However being a business woman for 29 years, I am so afraid of the California vote going to anyone other than Travis Allen. My family came on the wagon trains to California many years ago, AND because we have been invaded by Mexico… I believe my vote doesn’t count. That is not right. This is not how the founding fathers wanted our citizens to be treated. BRING IT ON…When can we start this new trail blazing frontier.

    • USA.Life 06 / 05 / 2018

      If we get the required funding now, we can launch this summer. You will love USA.Life and 1776Free, because we have a pro-America Algorithm. America First!

  • successinreading 06 / 05 / 2018

    I want this to start now. WHEN IS IT STARTING?

    • USA.Life 06 / 05 / 2018

      Thanks for your interest. We just need people’s help to chip in small or large to fund the completion of USA.Life and 1776Free, so we can launch this summer!

  • cab491 07 / 05 / 2018

    I’ve had an account with facebook, however i have not posted anything except my photo on my Honda Goldwing Bike.
    I am glad now we will an alternative to both twitter and facebook. It is about time we start fighting back against christian and conservative values.
    I am In all the way sent in $$$.

    • USA.Life 09 / 05 / 2018

      Thanks. We appreciate your excitement!

  • electra 11 / 05 / 2018

    I have never joined any social network programs because none have ever truly supported my views and rights as a christian conservative.
    God-willing you will have success with yours .

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