USA.Life Conservative Facebook Alternative

(San Jose, California, March 24, 2020) USA.Life is the most popular overall and/or in the USA of new social networks launched since 2018 according to this comparison.

USA.Life describes itself as “the answer to Facebook and Twitter censoring Christians, conservatives and liberty.” The social network was officially established in March 2019, with a soft launch in February 2019.



Conservatives Delete Facebook and Twitter to Speak Freely on USA.Life

More people daily see how USA.Life replaces Facebook and Twitter. Users are switching to USA.Life and deleting their Facebook and Twitter accounts. People’s comments include:

“Took the big step and Deleted my Facebook account…also invited all my friends to come over here.” Ron Schunk

“I feel the peace here at USA.Life…Got to go around with tape over your mouth on Facebook or you might get jailed.” Linda Eggleston

“No free speech on Facebook, Twitter…Thank God for USA.Life!” Barbara

“At least being pro-America and pro-God won’t get me kicked out like Facebook.” Bob Russell

“Finally Conservatives starting to do something to fight back”. John Dough

“Thank you USA.Life for keeping America free!” Bill Jordanson

Largest Audience Interests

USA.Life is a great fit for Christians, conservatives, churches, pro-lifers, President Trump supporters and patriotic Americans, as this study found. USA.Life has many audiences, including those with the following interests:

  • America
  • Christian
  • Conservative
  • President Trump
  • Pro-Life
  • Churches
  • Freedom
  • Constitution
  • God-given Rights
  • Second Amendment
  • Hope and Encouragement
  • Pets, Cats, Dogs & Animals
  • Family Values
  • Family and Friends
  • National Security and Safety
  • Cooking and Recipes
  • Privacy
  • Real News


USA.Life has seen continued growth and has higher daily access than many other social networks.

Building USA.Life followers now is important for users, churches and business, because the benefits early adopters get now will establish social network leaders as this conservative Facebook alternative grows.


As it is the only pro-America social network, USA.Life hopes to be the top social network in the nation replacing Facebook.

Analysis of internet traffic shows USA.Life is more popular overall and/or in the USA than TrumpTown/Mumblit, Parler, AllSocial, Spreely, Steemit, SocialCross,, and many others.  People from other countries join too.

USA.Life ranked number one for new social networks with a rank of 17,161 of all websites in the USA*.

Other social media rankings are: Trump Town/Mumblit 71,010, AllSocial 54,409, Spreely, 24,406, Parler 17,862, Steemit 18,167, Codias 19,253, and several others are 1,000,000-plus in ranking*.

Of substantial note is USA.Life and Minds have gone back and forth in popularity in the USA, with USA.Life being more popular than Minds earlier this year. This is a substantial accomplishment for USA.Life, since Minds was founded in 2011 and has had approximately $7 million more funding based on Wikipedia data.

Daily Page Views

While some USA.Life users spend hours per day on the social network and read and write hundreds of posts, others may come from a search engine and visit one page. Overall, USA.Life has an average engagement of 3.6 page views per visitor.

USA.Life’s page views are more than many others and are expected to increase from the new crowdfunding campaign to better help conservatives, churches and businesses; the launch of USA.Life’s marketplace in April, 2020; and the USA.Life App second generation expected to be released later in 2020.

Other social media page views per visitor are: Trump Town/Mumblit 1.8, Parler 2.5, Steemit 2.3, AllSocial 3.6 and Codias 18,167*.

* Based on Alexa analysis data March 24, 2020. Steemit, Codias and FreeTalk24/ added on March 27, 2020.

Crowdfunding to Help Conservatives

CEO Steven Andrew set up a crowdfunding page to expand the project to help conservatives more.

“We don’t have the billions of dollars that Facebook and Twitter have, so we need people who want freedom and privacy to contribute what they can,” he said.

Supporters receive a special reward such as their name credited in the computer code and pro accounts. For larger donations, individuals and organizations can get their name on the founders wall.

USA.Life Conservative Facebook Alternative