USA.Life Business Advertising

USA.Life Business Ads
Launched in 2019, USA.Life has leading Conservative, Christian and Patriotic audiences. USA.Life is the most popular Conservative Facebook replacement.

3.9 million monthly pageviews. A page is a new page or 5 posts. 2021 average. 

Would you like to increase brand awareness and increase sales or traffic? Are you ready to reach a fresh target audience to achieve your marketing goals? USA.Life offers:

How can USA.Life ads help achieve your goals? Learn more and purchase ads below. Or use the links below to talk with an advertising manager.

The #1 Conservative
Facebook Replacement

3.9 Million Monthly Pageviews
2021, new page or 5 posts are a pageview

USA.Life advertising Christian

1. Your Ad/Logo on the Navigation - Highest Viewability
Build awareness plus get sales and clicks. Includes link.
100% Viewability. Always shown even when scrolling.

USA.Life Advertise Banner Logo

50% Off Sale today. Only $79 a day, $499 a week, $1,949 a month.

3.9 million pagewviews monthly.
With sale as low as $0.50 CPM for a month, $0.55 CPM for a week and $0.62 CPM for a day estimated.

2. Timeline Header Ad
Get your message at the top of the timeline.

Timeline Header Advertising USA.Life

On sale today for $129 per day
or $770 per week.
Regular price $199 per day or $1,200 per week. 
Get a day of being on the top of the timeline with your advertisement. .

Update: Recommend up to 15 words.  The picture is larger. We use a smaller scaled version of 250X200 pixels.

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3. Sponsored Post
Connect with top Conservatives, Christians and Patriotic Americans.

Sponsored Post USA.Life

On sale today for $199 per sponsored post. 
Regular price $289.
Choose your audience. Each sponsored post will be shown to pages totaling between 100,000 to 200,000 followers.

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