Church growth with USA.Life

USA.Life Beta App.

Thanks for using the USA.Life App. You are helping USA.Life as a Beta user.

This is the Pre-Beta version and it has some limitations, but USA.Life will make updates based on people’s inputs. Then we will release the Google Play Store version.

Some people may like the app better and some may prefer the mobile website (in your phone go to https://USA.Life). Choose what is best for you.

Install App at Play Store

You can download the USA.Life App in  Google Play Store.

This is the easiest way and you get automatic updates.

The iOS version is in development.

Manual Install the App

Another option is a manual download of the Android App. To download:

  1. Uninstall any USA.Life App on your Android phone.
  2. Download USA.Life Beta
  3. When download is complete, click on download notice to install. Or go to Downloads directory and click on the USA.Life download.
  4. The App should auto start. If not, click on the USA.Life icon.
  5. When the Google Play Store version is available, uninstall this Pre-Beta version and install from Google Play Store.

Use the instructions above. Here is the same link:

> Android: USA.Life Beta Download

Known Issues. Beta App. 9/29/19

  • The Posts USA Flag Reaction when used on the App may not update on the website. Counts may also not be updated. These will be fixed in the next update.
  • The USA Flag Patriotic reaction is not yet available on the App.
  • Comments do not yet have Reactions such as LIKE, LOVE…
  • Messenger will be added in the future, either as a separate App or as a combined App.
  • If the cover and avatar photos don’t update on your phone, then update them by using the website.
  • Some or all posts may be labeled Promoted. You can ignore this.

How to Report Issues: Please give us your phone type, operating system and a step by step description of any issue HERE.

Thanks for helping with the Beta App.

Have a great day!